Developed by an experienced homeopath and flower essence practitioner in collaboration with an Animal Behavior Specialist, our safe, effective formulas address the key behavior issues encountered in pets

About OptiBalancePet™

At OptiBalancePet we are dedicated to the well-being of animals and to enhancing the bond between animals and their humans.

OptiBalancePet Formulas offer a simple, safe, all-natural and highly-effective way to provide lasting calm and comfort to your pet, and to help keep your animals emotionally and behaviorally at their best.

A few doses (simply add drops to a small amount of food, a treat, or water) may be all that is required to restore emotional well-being and bring out the best in your pet.

How Our Formulas Were Developed

Our founder, Judy Tobey, CHom, has over 10 years’ experience as a Classical Homeopath and Flower Essence practitioner.

Judy deeply desired to put her training and knowledge to use to improve the lives of animals and their humans even beyond her private practice. She also envisioned the day when all shelters and rescue organizations would implement a protocol to help restore the emotions of their animals, making for increased successful adoptions and reduced re-homing and euthanizations.

Her vision came to life when she met with a seasoned animal behaviorist who expressed frustration with the difficulty of modifying certain behaviors through traditional conditioning methods.

Formulating and testing her line of species-specific, behavior-targeted formulas began. The results were so extraordinary that Judy decided to devote herself to making all her highly-effective formulas widely available…thus birthing OptiBalancePet!

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a safe, all-natural way to re-balance energy and emotions. Flower essence infusions are derived from the energetic signature of flowers at the peak of bloom. They have no smell or taste, and are not a drug or supplement.

Flower essences act much like a tuning fork, reminding the body of its own natural harmony…thus gently and subtly re-tuning energies and behaviors with each dose.

Our highly effective formulas are made from the best-quality flower essences available. Each flower essence infusion we use has been selected for its resonance to specific emotions. And our carefully targeted, species-specific combination formulas are crafted to address the complexity of emotions behind specific behaviors.

Need help finding the formula that is right for your pet? See our product descriptions and our helpful Remedy Finder, which describes common problem behaviors and the best formula to address each behavior.


Note: These products are not intended as a substitute for proper veterinarian care. If behavior does not improve after consistent use, consult your veterinarian or a behavioral professional.